Telescopic Conveyors

While telescopic conveyors are the core element of warehouse unloading and loading systems, they are also the most important machine for the feeding lines of sortation systems. It can be either belted or roller according to its usage, or it can be used both for unloading products from the truck and for loading the truck. Telescopic conveyors, when used, provide both a quick unloading and loading and thus increase the capacity of systems. It also prevents operators from carrying heavy products in terms of occupational health and safety. With the extraction of a mechanism that is intertwined with its mechanics, it extends from a fixed main base to the truck and loads or unloads the products with the help of the belt on it. Roller telescopic conveyors can be used if the gravity drop of the products is preferred in the loading of the trucks. Telescopic conveyors can move up and down with the hydraulic system, which allows the operator to achieve an ergonomic position when putting or taking the products on the telescopic conveyor.

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