Sortation Systems

Sortation systems allocates the products according to barcode data that they read from barcode labels on products and sort them according to a certain logic. Sortation systems can be single solution or they can be a whole solution for distribution centers & warehouses including conveyors, rack, telescopic conveyors, DWS systems etc. Sortation systems vary by their capacity to sort and specifications of the products that they carry.

Since its foundation, Innova, has been able to manufacture sorters up to the capacity of 3000 pph by its own, as well as serves as an integrator when it comes to the capacities of 3000 to 15.000 pph.

Sorter Types

Pop-up roller sorter: this type of sorters has the working principle of changing direction of goods’ traction with the help of rollers moving up and down between flat belts. Their capacity can vary by the specification of the goods, still their maximum capacities are between 2500-3000 pph.

Narrow-Belt Sorter: Along with the similarity to the pop-up sorter, in here carriers are rollers and belts becomes guiders. Their capacities are also similar to each other.

Wheel diverter sorter: While moving the products with rolling pulleys, it guides the products to outfeed destinations with certain angles by turning of pulley mechanism. This sorter types distinguishes by changing products traction not 90 degrees but 30, 45 and 60 degrees. Moreover, with this sortation products leading side does not change. With this sorter, the wider products’ range the less capacities you will have. If the dimensions of products do not vary, then the capacities can reach 3000 pph.

Roller Top Sorter: While modular belt which has balls on it carries the products, a belted conveyor which underneath the modular belt starts turn the balls of modular belt cross side of the traction of products. With this sorter it can be possible to sort 4000 products per hour.

Sliding Shoe Sorter: It sorts the products with so called shoes, which is a pusher and on the side of modular belt, while modular belt carries the products. This sorter especially becomes the most efficient type of the sorter when it come to the wide range product types. It is classified as mid-high capacity sorter which is around 8000-9000 pph. One of the only disadvantages of shoe sorter can be noise.

Tray Sorters: While carriers shaped like a bowl which are independent from movement carries the products, this carriers tilts when they arrive the required chutes. They are classified as their tilting mechanism. Some of the types of tilter sorter like below:

  • Tilt tray sorters
  • Split tray sorters
  • Push tray sorters

These sorters can reach over 15.000 pph capacity. And they can be designed as horizontal and vertical. Generally they are suitable for small products because of their carrier sizes.

Cross-Belt Sorters: They are very similar to tray sorter, however they have no tilting mechanism. Because their carriers are already a belted conveyor which can move and guide the products. These sorters can reach 30.000-40.000 pph capacities. This type of sorter are the highest capacity sorters of nowadays technology. The same with the tray sorters cross-belt sorters also can be designed as horizontal and vertical.