Conveyor & Automation

Conveyors are the machines that can carry the goods and products to one point to the other. They can carry either bulk products or parcel products.

Distribution Centers & Warehouse Solutions

Warehouses and distribution centers are the centers where the goods are stored for a short period of time or allocated for invoicing, and integrated into the WMS (warehouse management system) system.

Sortation Systems

Sortation systems allocates the products according to barcode data that they read from barcode labels on products and sort them according to a certain logic. Sortation systems can be single solution or they can be a whole solution for distribution…

Pick to Light Systems

pick to light (lightening pick) systems are the systems are efficient and can be used at warehouses and storages which works with order base system. Under normal circumstances, operators read the orders receipt and takes the product from racks and puts them into the boxes or totes …

Telescopic Conveyors

While telescopic conveyors are the core element of warehouse unloading and loading systems, they are also the most important machine for the feeding lines of sortation systems.


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