Telescopic Conveyors

While telescopic conveyors are the core element of warehouse unloading and loading systems, they are also the most important machine for the feeding lines of sortation systems.

Belted Conveyors

Belted conveyors are the core element of conveyor systems and material handling systems. They can carry the products up to 20 degree slope according to the selected belt.

Elevator Conveyors

Elevator conveyors or vertical conveyors are used especially at vertical distances where products cannot be transported with belt conveyors. However, vertical conveyors are suitable for products to be transported …

Merge Conveyors

Merge conveyors are one the most important components of sortation systems. Merge conveyors, which do not have a special use alone, are used in high capacity sortation systems where the infeed lines getting together.

Roller Conveyors

Roller conveyors are especially beneficial and efficient when the handled product are parcels, totes or suitable geometrical shaped. They can be either driven or gravity, depending on its usage.

Curve Conveyors

Curve Conveyors can be either roller or belted even modular belted. Generally, they are not used single but in the conveyor systems. They can be manufactured as 30,45,60,90 and 180 degree curves.

Weighing Conveyors

Weighing conveyors are used for the presorting of products within the sortation systems rather than the precise weighing in the industry. They can make dynamic weighing with the help of load cell…

Heavy Industry Conveyors

Heavy duty rubber belted conveyors are used at construction and mine industry with reliability because of their strong durability and abrasion resistance. Also they are generally suitable for bulk materials to carry.