Innova found in 2010 in order to design industrial automation applications, conduct the projects and implement them for manufacturing and distribution sectors.

Innova supplies turnkey project solutions for different sectors. These systems are designed and implemented in numerous sectors like machinery manufacturing, logistics and distribution, food and pharmaceutical industry.

Generally we work for;

Telescopic conveyors, belted conveyors, sortation systems, DWS systems, label applicators etc. for logistic and cargo sectors.

Weighing conveyors, stainless steel conveyors, elevator conveyors and modular belted conveyors for food sector.

Poultry sector

Liquid filling machines

Mine and tunnel conveyors

Gravity and driven roller conveyors

Nowadays, we are executing and implementing PLC controlled high technology projects, like sortation and allocation.

For new distribution centers, hubs and warehouses, we design and implement the plant’s processes and layouts.